Whyteboard: A free painting application

Whyteboard is a free painting application which can run in Linux as well as Windows and Mac. It is a suited toward creating a visual presentations for overlaying PDF images with annotations.


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Latest Version: 0.41.1 -- 17 September 2010


Youtube Videos: one; two; three - Showing the program "in action".
Screenshots - Pictures of Whyteboard on Windows/Linux/Mac.
Source Code Browser - View the latest development code from the Bazaar version control repository.
Known Bugs - Bugs that are being worked on.
Development Blog
Whyteboard at Launchpad - report bugs; help translate; get project details

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Read the translation guide

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Suggestions for new/enhanced features and functionality can be left at http://whyteboard.uservoice.com

You can reach me via email through steven@whyteboard.org


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